Throughout the last 50 years God has tremendously blessed the Missions Ministry of the Canton Baptist Temple. During that time our congregation alone has given well over $20 million to missions. Equally important, though, is that our church has given of “its own” young people and couples as missionaries. Twenty-eight families in total have been sent from our congregation to various countries around the world. Only eternity will demonstrate the impact that this ministry has made upon countless tens of thousands of souls.

With a strong desire to be more intimately involved in caring for and meeting the needs of our missionary family we established SENT Inc. as an Independent Missions Organization. Though affiliated with Canton Baptist Temple, it is distinct from it. Our goal is not to replace the larger mission organizations. Our sole desire is to personally, professionally and passionately meet the needs of those missionaries sent from our church.

We believe that God has uniquely prepared us for this task. Among our Pastoral Staff we have more than 35 years of missionary knowhow. Our experience includes Church Planting, Missionary Training, Pre-field Ministries and Missionary Finances. With this first-hand experience we believe that we can educate and give solid biblical and practical direction to our missionary candidates.

We need you, though! There is no way that we can accomplish this task alone. We are asking you to partner with our missionaries in the task that God has called them to. I trust that you feel and understand the burden of our heart as you explore our website. I greatly appreciate your consideration of one of our missionary families. Our prayer is that God will greatly use us together to impact this generation with the Gospel.