Next Summer The World Will Come To Paris... And Hear The Gospel

Join us as we bring the Gospel to millions from around the world at the Paris Olympics in Summer 2024.

Paris 2024

Project Olympics 2024 is a unique opportunity to spread the gospel to the world. It is estimated by the Olympic committee that 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete. In addition to the athletes France expects millions of spectators, including 600,000 spectators to view the opening ceremony along the River Seine.

Without a doubt Project Olympics 2024 will have an impact on the world.

Project Olympics 2024 will be different than most mission trips. We won’t work on any buildings or be part of any church program. Project Olympics 2024 will be a 100% street witnessing evangelistic outreach. We will have 108 people passing out tracts for 5 days in three groups. That equals 540 days of evangelistic outreach.

What To Know

Quick facts and important things to know

Group 1 July 24 – August 2, 2024
Group 2 July 31 – August 9, 2024
Group 3 August 7 – August 16, 2024


Valid Passport
Completed application
Recommendation of pastor for church members


Cost: $2,999
Down Payment: $500
Full payment due: May 24, 2024

108 People

The number of evangelists

600,000 Spectators

Present at the opening ceremonies

206 Countries

The number of countries represented

500,000 Tracts

Given out to share the Gospel


There are three group dates:

Group 1 July 24 – August 2, 2024  FULL
Group 2 July 31 – August 9, 2024  FULL
Group 3 August 7 – August 16, 2024

This is a group, not an individual, activity.

We will have a total of 3 groups, each spending 10 days traveling to France, passing out tracts in Paris, sightseeing in London and then heading home.

Everyone must be part of the entire part of the entire trip from the USA to Paris and to the USA. Because this is a group activity you will not be able to book your own flight or use mileage points to pay for flights.

Everyone must be part of the entire trip from the USA to Paris. You may be able to extend your trip in London. You will be responsible for all airline fees to change the ticket. Please contact us for more details.

Project Olympics 2024 will be different than most mission trips. We won’t work on any buildings or be part of any church program. Project Olympics 2024 will be a 100% street witnessing evangelistic outreach. We will have 108 people passing out tracts for 5 days in three groups. That equals 540 days of evangelistic outreach.

  • A valid passport
  • A completed application (click HERE)
  • A recommendation of a pastor or church members

All participants must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond their return date. Any participant that intends to travel on a non-USA passport, is solely responsible for knowing and meeting the entry requirements for their destination country.

Each participant is solely responsible to obtain and maintain a valid passport. SENT, Inc. is not responsible to secure a passport for participants, nor for verifying the validity of currently held

The down payment of $500 is due at the acceptance of your application.
The full payment of $2,999 is due May 24, 2024

*Costs given are estimates and could increase if airfare and expenses increase. Every effort has
been made to accurately estimate the costs of the trip, but we will not have the exact cost of the
airfare until January 2024.

  1. Airfare from Newark
  2. Housing in France
  3. Meals in France
  4. In country transportation in France
  5. Transportation to London
  6. Housing in London
  7. Breakfast in London
  8. Bus tour of London
  9. Transportation to Heathrow from housing in London
  10. Flight to Newark

Costs not covered by the $2,999 fee
1. Mandatory approved Medical Insurance
2. Laundry in France and London
3. Public restrooms in France
4. Lunch and Dinner in London
5. Transportation and entry fees for optional Thursday tours in London.
6. Transportation to and from Newark

SENT, Inc. publishes the cash/check discount price for tours. As a convenience to traveler’s, SENT offers the option to pay fees by credit/debit card or ACH (eCheck) via the company website (Make a Donation ( By selecting credit/debit card or ACH payment, the traveler agrees to pay the additional fees associated with this service. A credit/debit card payment requires an additional fee of approximately 3% of the payment amount. An ACH payment requires approximately an additional fee of 1% of the payment amount. The traveler agrees to check the box on the payment portal that includes the additional fee at the time of payment or the traveler will be billed by SENT.

  • All traveler fees must be paid prior to travel.
  • The full-package price for this group is $2,999 (cash/check). Make checks payable to SENT Inc.
  • The Full Package begins/end at Newark Airport (EWR).

We will be in very crowded conditions that will necessitate the following guidelines.

  • Do not wear jewelry or expensive watches.
  • Secure any money, passport or credit cards you will carry.
  • Always stay with your group. Only travel with your group.
  • When you are staying at the Bible Institute in Paris notify your team leader if you leave for any reason.
  • If your cell phone plan does not include an international plan, purchase one for this trip. If you get lost or separated from your group the only way you will be able to be contacted is by cell phone.
  • Do not purchase or touch anything from a street vendor because they are con men and are not legally operating in Paris.

It may possible to upgrade to extra legroom seats, but only if such seats are available at the time of ticketing. The cost for upgrading a seat depends on the particular seat selected and will be provided at the time of booking.

  • Because of the evangelistic street witnessing purpose of this trip and the one-on-one witnessing opportunities all participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Due to the use of public transportation and the small rooms at the Bible Institute, we ask that you bring one suit case 24-25 inches max and one non wheeled backpack type carry-on per person.
  • We will be taking the subway from the airport to the Bible Institute that will be crowded. You must be able to get on and off the subway in one trip. The subway will not wait for you to make a second trip for extra luggage.
  • Make sure to pack a set of clothes in your carry on.
  • Upon arrival in France you will be given a 75 euro metro pass and an airport metro pass that you will use and carry with you. If you lose your metro pass you will need to purchase another pass at your own expense.

Each participant is solely and personally responsible for compliance or non-compliance with all Covid-19 protocols established by the airlines and/or any relevant governments. Because the Covid-19 protocols are fluid, regularly changing according to current conditions, SENT, Inc. is not responsible for any changes to protocols by any authorities or any losses incurred by a participant as a result of Covid-19 protocols or Covid-19 illness.

The related itinerary is subject to change according to local conditions, which may include, among other things, weather, security and crowd considerations. If an itinerary change necessitates extra overnights, each participant will be responsible for any additional costs.

Bible Institute Housing in France

  •  The Lord has provided housing at a great price. As you can imagine motels will be very expensive in Paris during the Olympics. If we stayed in a motel the cost of this trip would be significantly higher.
  • In Paris we will be staying in the dorms at a Bible Institute.
  • The rooms are small and contain two twin beds and an en suite bathroom. There is not a closet or any place to hang up clothes.
  • Bedding will be provided. (Wash cloths and towels not provided)
  • The rooms are not air conditioned, but one small fan will be provided per room. We do not know what the temperature will be when you are in Paris. The average temperature in Paris in August according to the internet is 78 degrees.
  • There are washing machines on site for a nominal fee.
  • Bring an electrical adapter for France for electrical devices, and make sure all electrical devices are dual voltage devices.
  • We want to show our appreciation for the Bible Institute by caring for the furniture and rooms we use. The rooms must be cleaned before departure. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and the use of nonprescription drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • Some full time students will be living on campus while we are there and will be in rooms above our rooms. A Korean group will be occupying another building while we are there.
  • The Bible Institute will provide breakfast and dinner and a sack lunch to take to town.BB
  • It will be hot and sunny weather so bring sunscreen and a hat.
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes; you will be walking to the subway and then to the place we will hand out tracts. The total walking distance can be as much as 5 miles in a day. We need Olympic level Christians for an Olympic level outreach! This is not a tourist trip, this is a mission trip like you have never been on.
  • Because of the crowds and our purpose of street evangelism, there will be no sightseeing in Paris during the street evangeleism, but you can see some of Paris on their own time after street witnessing. You will walk by the Champs Elysee, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles Castle, The Arc of “La defense” and see the outside of the Eiffel Tower, but you won’t be able to stand in the hours-long line to go up the Eiffel Tower. The chance to see some of Europe will be in London on the way home.
  • The only restrooms that will be available to us will cost some euros.
  • Each person will need bring 10 euros from with them to France. You can get euros from your bank. Some banks will need a week or two to get them for you. Because of the crowds it will not be possible to go a bank to get the euros once you arrive in France

On the way home you will spend 3 nights and 2 days in London.

  • We will be staying in the International Student Housing in London. Again this is not a motel, but it will be nicer than the Bible Institute Housing in Paris. The rooms are larger, have closets, but again no AC. Breakfast is
    provided, but you are on your own for lunch and dinner. You will need a different electrical adapter for London.
  • You will travel on the Eurostar train from Paris to London. The International Student Housing is a 20 minute walk from the train station.
  • You are free to do anything you want to do in London, but we have planned a couple of tours for you that you might enjoy.
  • Your first day in London you will have a bus tour of London. The price is included in the trip cost.
  • Your second day we have planned two different options.
  • Spiritual Heritage tour. Lewis McClendon will lead this. You will see sights that include a guided tour of Spurgeon’s church, Westminster Abby and the John Wesley museum. You will be responsible for all entry fees and transportation costs. You will receive more information on the tour and costs a few weeks before your trip.
  • Sights of London. Karen McClendon will lead this tour. Karen will take you by the Tube to the Westminster Abbey area. There, on your own, you can visit Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, Churchill’s Underground War Rooms and so much more. Later in the day Karen will take those who wish by Tube to the Tower of London. You will be responsible for all entry fees and Tube fees.
  • You will receive more information onthe tour and costs a few weeks before your trip.
  • On the last day in London you will be taken by bus to Heathrow airport for the trip home.

Pray - Give - Go

“We don’t choose what we will do for God; He invites us to join Him where He wants to involve us.”
― Henry T. Blackaby, Experiencing God

God is asking us… all of us to be stewards of His grace in Paris. But each one of us individually, will play a different role. Which will you be a part of?

Pray – Every church member will come together before the throne of God to unite in prayer, advocating for those who are going.

Give – The cost per person is $2,999. We will also need to raise over $60,000 for set up costs, 500,000 tracts, geomarketing, legal fees, and more. The amount we give will be a monument to God’s great glory and an eternal investment in His kingdom.

Go – Are you ready to personally be a part of something eternal? Now is your chance to share the truth with hundreds of thousands who are searching.


Will you prayerfully consider going? It will be challenging but rewarding. People from the whole world will be reached with the gospel and have the opportunity to connect to missionaries and churches worldwide.

The tracts that will be given will have a short gospel message and will send the reader to a website with the gospel in their language and means for them to find local Bible-preaching Baptist churches and missionaries worldwide which should offer a new exposition for missionaries worldwide.

This means that, not only will this trip impact France, but it will impact churches all over the world. 



Pastor Recommendation Form for online application

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