Bret and Katie Anderson
Missionaries to Tanzania, the Andersons are on deputation to raise the money needed to work along side Team Tanzania with a primary focus on the village of Bosotu.

Steve and Natalie Burkholder
Steve and Natalie Burkholder are missionaries in Tanzania, Africa, where they are planting a church in the small town of Katesh.

Brad and Tricia Henderson
Brad and Tricia are missionaries to Tanzania, Africa where they are ministering to the Datooga people.

Josh and Denise Steward
Josh and Denise are missionaries to Ireland serving in County Cork. Josh and Denise’s anniversary is 10/10/98; email stewardstoireland@gmail.com; children’s birthdays-Connor 10/13; Chloe 10/12; Clark 5/20; Catherine 9/18. Visit their Facebook Page

Doug and Amber Staley
Doug and Amber are missionaries on deputation to Ireland.  Their four children are Hannah, Evan, David and Nathan. Their email is head4ireland@gmail.com. To schedule them for meetings, visit their Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/HEAD4Ireland

Jonathan and Jessica Reed 
Jonathan and Jessica are missionaries to the country of Belize. www.facebook.com/reedsonmission

Visit the Online Giving of Canton Baptist Temple if you would like to DONATE to one of our missionaries.  You may set-up an online giving account or simply select “pay as a guest” to by-pass the account login process.